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Common 50 Drugs For Emergency

Common 50 Drugs For Emergency is free app provides you with quick and easy reference of most used emergency medications including its mechanism of action, emergent indications, contraindications, and dosages for adults. It does not include antibiotics and it does not include many important pediatric drugs. Our application has endeavored to ensure the accuracy of […]

Pathognomonic Signs

Pathognomonic signs is a free app and offers a particular signs whose presence means that a particular disease is present beyond any doubt. Labelling a sign or symptom “pathognomonic” represents a marked intensification of a “diagnostic” sign or symptom. Application Features: – Works Offline without internet. – Searching ability. – Material design interface. Who can […]

Antibiotics for common infections

Antibiotics for common infections is an free app designed to meet the needs of medical students, nursing, general practitioners, physicians, junior doctors and other health professionals regarding anti-bacterial agents and their use in bacterial infections. The app is free and working offline with beautiful material design interface and the diseases given in this app are […]

Common Differential Diagnosis

Common Differential Diagnosis is intended for medical students, young doctors and other healthcare professionals . It provides a brief description of common symptoms encountered in everyday medical practice and an account of their differential diagnosis. It contains information about almost 180 conditions. The user can see all the symptoms associated with a disease or see […]

Clinical Examination Tips

Clinical examination tips app has been developed basically for medical students, healthcare professionals and doctors which is helpful in their clinics and exams, and considered a source for a quick overview of the patient physical examination. The app is free and working offline with beautiful material design interface and includes: 1. General Physical Examination & […]

Quran Karim Text

The application of the text of Quran provides an easy possibility to read Quran has been rewriting his words according to modern spelling and support interoperability with different word processors, and is useful for researchers and readers of every believer and loves the Koran. Features of the application of Quran: – Free application – An […]

Turkmeneli Dictionary

The application translate Turkish words and Turkmen of Iraq and Syria language words to the Arabic languages and contains more than 18,300 thousand words and is most widely used in daily life and can be used to learn Turkish and Turkmen language, as well as while traveling. The application contains the following features: – Free […]

Türkmeneli Horyatları

Hoyrat, İrak Türkmenlerin öz bir deyimidir. İçli bir çok şeyler anlatan bir deyim.. Telafer’den Mendeli’ye kadar uzanan Türk toplumunun özü, sözüdür bunlar. Hoyratlar bu Türkmenler’in düşüncelerini, yaşam şekillerini, benliklerini, keder ve sevinçlerini, tarihlerini dile getirir. Program özellikleri: -Bu horyatlar çeşitli kaynaklardan toplanmıştır -Kopyalama ve paylaşma imkanı -Tablet cihazlar ile uyumlu -Horyatlar yerel türkmence dilde ve […]

Liixuos Medical Dictionary Ar

Free dictionary app can translate medical terms from English to Arabic language and contain more than 140,000 terms. These are some of its features: – Don’t need any connection to Internet to translate Medical Terms to Arabic, can work in offline mode – Pronunciation of English Medical Terms (works offline) – Ability to show the […]

Liixuos Drugs Dictionary

Free drugs dictionary app can provides all informations about medical drugs like: Indication, Description, Mechanism Of Action, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Absorption, Clearance, Metabolism, Volume Of Distribution, Route Of Elimination, Protein Binding, Half Life, Toxicity, Type, and Group of drug. The offline drugs dictionary contain more than 7,700 drugs with pharmacology drugs categories and it is useful […]

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