How To Opt Out Of Interest-Based Ads On Smart Mobiles


  1. Open the Google Settings app in your app drawer (not on Android’s main Settings app)
  2. Tap Ads
  3. Tap Opt out of interest-based ads and confirm
  4. Tap Reset advertising ID

iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Advertising
  4. Next to Limit Ad Tracking, slide the toggle to the right to enable this feature
  5. Underneath the Limit Ad Tracking option, tap Reset Advertising Identifier… and then tap Reset Identifier on the pop-up (this will sever any ties between your device and any profiles you may already have with advertisers)

Windows Phone

Unlike Android and iOS devices, the easiest way to opt out of ad tracking on Windows Phone devices is to visit this page from your computer:

Make sure you’re signed into your Microsoft account and then in the second box labeled “Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account,” click the Off option.